Orçun Akman

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Orcun Akman

Downloadable CV:

Founder of Orc Design. LTD.

ORC DESIGN LTD. - Company owner and motion graphics designer. Burbery Creative Productions - Various 2D &3D Projects.  IMG Media - Various 2D Projects.  SMP (Blaze) - Various 2D Projects.  Portas Agency - Various 2D Projects.  Hygarth Group - Various 2D & 3D Projects.  Team Spirit - Various 2D & 3D Projects. Momoco - Various 2D & 3D Projects. Smyle - Various 2D Projects. 

Freelance Motion graphics designer. FGA Architecture - Maxon Cinema 4D Turkey Dıstributor, Maxon - Cinema 4D’s certifıed instructor. ATLAS MULTIMEDIA – Motion graphics animations. DIGITAL PANORAMA – Motion graphics animations. HOGARTH – 3D Product Visualizations. BASTHEAD – Video mappings and 3D animations.

AUSTRALIA EXPERIENCE (freelance): 2010 – 2013
DIGITAL PULSE - Doha Olympic Game opening ceremony projection animations, FLUID POST - Nick TV promo, VERVE CREATIVE -Kimberly-Clark, Sage and Australian Institute of Company Directors. PROJECTA, IGEA GROUP, CORNERSTONE MEDIA, SPRING IN ALASKA, LUCID EDGE - Various projects BRAINS DESIGN - Telstra, Adobe, Westpac and IMAGINATION - Australian Navy 100th year Anniversary – Opera House and Harbour Bridge projection show 2D-3D Animations.


ATLAS MULTIMEDIA – 600 dvd menus and 14 blurays, ZEBRA PRODUCTION – Projection mappings for medical meetings (Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Sanofi Aventis, Novo Nordisk), CINE 5 TELEVISION – Motion graphics designer

Orc Design LTD.

Orc Design LTD. is a small company established by Orcun Akman, which mainly based on motion graphics. Started in 2011 in Australia then moved to UK in 2017. While in Australia, Orc Design reached two mention-worthy achievements which one of them was the projection mappings done for Digital Pulse for Doha Olympic Games Opening Ceremony in 2012, which took the largest projection show in Guinness Records and the other was another projection mapping show done for IMAGINATION for Australian Navy’s 100th year Anniversary Show, which projected on Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge and received Sydney’s Best Design Award.

Orc Design also does bespoke web and print designs.

Projects from Turkey

Completed between 2013 - Recent
LG – Imax
BAU Workshop Studies
SCIA User Contest 2015 Winners
Ofisim.com Animation Preview

Projects from Australia

Completed between 2011 - 2013
Tribes Opening
Telstra Wholesale
Vogue Spring Summer Reel 2012 (AU)
Telstra – A Vision for Westpack
Flight Centre – Green Screens
Compilation from Australia
Lucid Edge 02
Lucid Edge 01
Sage ERP x3 Presentation
Australian Institude of Company Directors Presentation
Royal Australian Navy 100th Anniversary – Projection Mappings
Doha – Arab Olympic Games Opening

Projects from Turkey

Completed between 2004 - 2011
2011 // Reel
Zebra Film Logo Animation
Saphire Ring by Assos Jewelery

Experimental Projects

Self-prepared test visuals
Tech Wave
Tablet Dissolve Experiment
Sports (WIP)
Sapphire Colors
Orc Motion Graphics Experimental 121001
History Particle
Tron Sphere Test
Displacement Map animation test
Orc Design LTD.
Company No. 11050786
+44 7400 432645


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